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This is the cause of annoying zits on the cheeks

Pimples on the cheeks can interfere with your appearance and confidence. Various dirty objects, germs, and bad habits can cause acne on the cheeks. Acne is formed when the follicle, which is where hair grows, is blocked by dead skin cells, sebum (skin's natural oil), or bacteria. Puberty is usually the beginning of acne, but acne can also be experienced by adults. Acne can appear anywhere, whether on the back, neck, chest, shoulders, or cheeks. Some Causes of Acne on the Cheek The presence of pimples on the cheeks indeed makes you uneasy, because everyone can easily see the red spots on your face. If you do not want pimples to appear on the cheeks, let's, avoid the following causes of acne on the cheeks: 1. Dirty pillowcases and bed linen One cause of acne on the cheeks is pillowcases and dirty sheets. Dead skin cells, dirt, make-up, and bacteria can gather in pillowcases and bed linen. When sleeping in a dirty bed, dirt and germs can stick to the skin and clog pores on
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Understanding the phobia of crowd and its handling

People with phobia of the crowd will feel afraid to get out of the house or go to a place that is considered unsafe. This condition, also called agoraphobia, is pinned on people who are afraid to go to crowded places, such as supermarkets, malls, markets, schools and offices. Crowd phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. Symptoms of agoraphobia can occur when the sufferer is in a situation where it is difficult to find a way out or get help when he feels trapped. Not only phobias or fears to be in the crowd, people who suffer from agoraphobia can also feel afraid or anxious when he has to talk or move in front of many people. Causes of Phobia of Hustle Until now, the exact cause of crowd phobia is not really known. Experts suspect that crowd phobia is caused by a combination of several factors, such as psychological problems, past trauma, heredity, and personality disorders. In addition, crowd phobia is also suspected to appear in patients with panic attacks. However, there are pe

Memahami dan Mendampingi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus

Having children with special needs is not easy for any parent. The attention of parents is very important for their growth and development. So parents need to learn to understand and assist, so that they are always confident in undergoing daily activities. Actually there are rules about children with special needs in Indonesia. As mentioned, children with special needs receive full protection and services from the state, according to the Regulation of the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Number 10 of 2011. Understanding Children with Special Needs Closer Children with special needs are children who have limitations or extraordinary, both physical, mental-intellectual, social and emotional, which significantly influence the process of growth or development compared to other children their age. Not only that, children with special needs also include children who have impaired concentration, autism spectrum disorders, impaired communication skills, and learning di